Disinfection with UVC lights makes sense in green production

Vegetables and fruit, can in addition to juice and power, also carry bacteria and, in particular, molds into the production area.

UVC light can do something about that. Mounting of UVC lights in selected areas can increase the safety, that only the clean products come out to the consumer.

Air Disinfection:

  • Integration in ventilation systems
  • Active units for circulation to production and parcel areas
  • Installation in air cooling units
  • Sterile air for sensitive processes

Surface Disinfection:

  • Production lines
  • Packaging before filling
  • Head space after filling
  • Production premises and packing machines
  • Cleanbox & cabins for incoming items

Liquid Disinfection:

  • Process water decentralized
  • Recycled water and wash water
  • Product treatment

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