January 2020

Nitrate concentrations are measured quickly and accurately with a meter from Horiba

This waterproof pocket meter provides accurate measurement of nitrate in liquid, solid or powder samples. The user only needs to drip a few drops of the sample on the sensor for a fast and accurate result. It is not necessary to dilute or prepare the sample in advance. Tha samples may be as small as 0,3 ml.

This meteris suitable for research, industrial applications in various fields, such as food productions.

  • Minimum sample volume: 0,3 ml, 0,05 ml with sample sheet
  • Automatic calibration function recognizes standards and can be selected for either 1- point or 2- point calibrations.
  • IP67- classification
  • 400 hours of battery llife: continuous use without backlight
  • Replaceable sensor
  • Warranty: 2 years for the meter, 6 months on sensor

Read more about measuring equipment from Horiba on our website here

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