Training, measurering and control of hygiene

May be the tools that will save you from being the next name in a hygiene scandal.

The majority of companies prioritize both cleaning and hand hygiene. Most of us think that we are careful and precise at the handwash, but that is rarely the case.

Hand hygiene is something we must all learn and train. Especially in companies that rely on a high standard of hygiene and sterility in production. Like yours.

Unfortunately, experience shows that this is one of the most difficult areas to control, and often insufficient hand hygiene is the cause of  problems in manufacturing companies such as:

– outbreaks of disease

– contamination of sensitive areas

– risk of impact on finished goods.

It costs – both health, economic, but unfortunately also on the company’s image and publicity.

We provide tools for training, measurering and control of hygiene

A speciel type of UV light is suitable for ensuring the quality of hygiene.

These are the UVA rays. When illuminated on a surface with a UVA lamp, particles will light up.

Use the handheld lamps to find deficiencies in cleaning routines, clean room sources, and laboratories.

uv-for-cleanliness-inspection ndt-crack-detection

Use the fixed flood lights for continuous inspection of hospital equipment, clean rooms, etc..

The light clearly shows leaks in machine components, finds impurities in textiles, paper and much  more.

Take control of hand hygiene with Hand◦in◦Scan

Testing and training of hand hygiene, becomes measurably effective with the use of Hand-in-Scan.


Coontact us on telephone. +45 22 680 680 or for a demonstration and display of the equipment.


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