Natural disinfection of air, surface and water with UVC

Fight bacteria and virus effectively without the use of chemicals

It is possible to achieve top marks in the hygiene area, even if you aren’t allowed or want to use chemicals. That is why we are here. This is our mission. We help companies with the natural approach in the fight against bacteria, virus and fungus. Because it can be done. Without chemicals in correspondence with your green profile.

We can help you maintain a high hygiene standard – with the use of nature’s own cure: UVC light. Contact us on the phone+45 22 680 680 or send an email to and we will help you find the right solution without the use of chemicals.

Test of CleanMove 8 at Chr. Hansen – Department of Human Health & Nutrition Division – Autumn 2017:

In a test row on both controlled surface and test in the real production environment was the conclusion that UV CleanMove 8 delivered the desired result and, in several cases, far exceeded this level.

Nyt fra Naturlig Desinfektion

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