ND Air

ND Air is a lamp that illuminates the room without its own air circulation. It is a passive solution. ND Air Passive is dependent on the air in the room being circulated in some other way. It must also be placed in such a way that the light, directly or indirectly does not hit people in the room. That means that it must be turned towards the ceiling or be turned off when there are people in the room. This type of disinfection, do we recommend to rooms, where there are no people for longer periods, but where the need to ensure sterility is present.

Used for example in: Operating rooms, slaughterhouses, laboratories, production lines, etc.

ND Air is available in many versions

  • 17 – 90W lamps
  • for humid or dry environment, short version
  • With external monitoring, lifetime and function
  • Aluminum or stainless-steel fittings
  • Handheld or fixed mounting
  • Splinter protection of the glass


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