UVA lamps for inspection and training

The light from a UVA lamp makes it easy to see particles or dried liquids on what appears to be a “clean” surface.

The lamps can be used for all types of surfaces for dirt, leaks, particle contamination:

  • Inspection of tools and components
  • Finding sources of pollution in e.g. cleanroom
  • Control of cleaning routines
  • Identification of risk areas
  • Quality control of textiles
  • Leakage control in components
  • Training in proper hand hygiene

The lamps can be used with and without the use of fluorescent liquids/ powders.


 UVA 3W LED small lamp

Handy little flashlight for detecting particles etc. on surfaces

Training of hand hygiene

Easy an effective method for significantly improving hand hygiene

UVA 35W large handheld flashlight

Powerful handheld flashlight for easy detection of sources of pollution

Contact us at tel. +45 22 680 680 or mail@naturligdesinfektion.dk for the types that fits your needs.

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