About Naturlig Desinfektion

Helps you achieve a high level of hygiene

 ….with nature’s own cure: ultraviolet light

We are on a mission… and it is not that impossible. Our mission is to help industry and agriculture as you to fight bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. with care for the environment and nature. Because it can easily be done. Also, without chemicals and in accordance with your green profile.

Because it should never be difficult for you to optimize hygiene in an environmentally friendly way

We know. Many of our customers always start by believing that the implementation of a new disinfection and hygiene facility is difficult and expensive. And especially when it has to be environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time. It is not. At least not with us. We go for solutions that will work in your current setup.

Lego blocks for hygiene nerds

When we come to you and take a look, we quickly see what a good solution for you will be. A solution that does not require a complete rebuild for you. Instead, we build a solution around your existing setup. In other words, our range is our building blocks, and we always work creatively and solution-oriented with them in relation to your setup and your demands.

A selection of our customers

A selection of our collaborators

Green, environmentally friendly and flexible hygiene solutions

In Natural Disinfection we think about solutions for our customers daily. We provide hygiene systems for private, industry and agriculture. The core of our business is that all solutions are suitable for companies with green profiles, as with our range we use exclusively nature’s own medicine, UV light. Efficient and gentle to the environment.

Naturally approved for use in food

Just as the handling of food is subject to several requirements for safety and traceability, the materials for use in food production are subject to the same set of rules. Our UV system are approved for use in food production.

Should we help you optimize hygiene?

You will find two permanent experts daily in Naturlig Disinfection. We describe ourselves as nerds and are proud of it.

Contact us and let us find the right solution for your company.

Pernille Snitkjær, CEO

Advice and sales


Phone + 45 21 22 34 88

Find me on Linkedin here

Karsten Snitkjær, Techn. Man.

Technical man. and consultancy


Phone + 45 31 45 19 70

Find me on Linkedin here

Charlotte Zielke

Office/ production


Phone + 45 28 45 46 05

Tanja Rudolph

Purchase/ Internal sales


Phone + 45 28 89 76 01

Anette Kobborg

Technical designer


Phone +45 28 89 76 05

Timmy Svendsen











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