What can you use UVC disinfection for?

UVC light can be used to disinfect air, liquids and surfaces.

UVC light works where it reaches. It works by damaging DNA/ RNA in the cell structure. Since it is light, it is not possible to distinguish between good and bad. It is our job to install it in such a way that the efficiency is high, but without risk to the people/ animals nearby.

We are good at this and by gathering information, making a problem analysis and clarifying needs with you, we find the optimal solution.

We can reduce the incidence of virus, bacteria, yeast/ mold in almost all conceivable area, such as food production, technical production environments and pharma.

Among others we have solved problems as diverse as:

  • Securing all incoming air for breeding herds against PRRS virus with pressure equalization (weak overpressure) and negative pressure units.
  • Access protection for high hygiene room for personnel, active and passive systems against virus and bacteria
  • Access protection of personnel from high risk rooms
  • Decontamination of air from high risk rooms
  • Decontamination of rooms in connection with the production of sensitive products
  • Decontamination of rooms after contamination, in connection with production stop
  • Decontamination of rooms during production in relation to aerosols, particles and more
  • Surface hygiene in connection with packaging of high hygiene products
  • Direct treatment of food, juice, salmon, sausages etc. against for example fungi and bacteria
  • Direct treatment of technical aids in various productions
  • Direct treatment of packaging, commodities in packaging, tools and consumables in sluice solutions

Common to all solutions is that they are based on an analysis of need and a customized solution for the current need, for example, the desire for reduction in log 1,2,3,4, conditions for temperature and humidity. We always offer a final measurement with registration of UVC level and quality according to needs.

Contact us for a solution for your exact needs.

Mail@naturligdesinfektion.dk or phone +45 22 680 680

Automatic sluise for large goods

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