The modern agriculture

Modern agriculture has many needs of disinfection, for example bacteria or virus in water, air or surfaces can be an expensive acquaintance in terms of illness and bad performance.

Water impurities are effectively treated with UV light:

  • All kinds of bacteria, germs, viruses and fungi
  • Mounted easily into existing water system
  • Units from 300 – >21.000 liters pr. hour

Protection in air:

Active or passive devices efficiently neutralize:

  • Bacteria, viruses, fungi

Typically used for:

  • Access rooms and IA rooms
  • Changing rooms/ washrooms
  • Air intakes for stables
  • Exhaust air from e.g. washing systems, quarantine stables etc.

No more slime in feed and water tanks

The UV light is efficient in keeping all kinds of tanks and containers free from fungi, bacteria and algae. Can be used in:

  • Feed tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Buffer tanks
  • Storage tanks in general

Denmark’s largest ventilation system with UV treatment on the air intake
The system at Molsgaard is dimensioned, delivered and installed in a collaboration between SKOV and NaturligDesinfection. All ventilation on the farm is converted into a controlled overpressure system so that the air flow is controlled, and they avoid accidental intake of infected air.

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