The exhaust air from a washing plant – a potential source of infection

Thorough washing of vehicles between animal transport and/ or traffic in risk areas has been described in details in Seges, see more here

But do you control the exhaust air from the washing plant?

All the potential bacteria and viruses from the vehicle can re-infect the vehicle as soon as it comes out from washing area. And, that is not the point.

To secure the vehicle against re-infection, the exhaust air must be disinfected before it is let out. It can be done with UVC light- efficient and safe, and with minimal maintenance. There is only a bulb change at 10,000 hours of operating. Nothing else.

Here is someone who has done something about it

They have installed a duct with UV lamps, which ensures disinfection of air in their washing area before letting the air out.

The effect of the UV light is dimensioned on the basis of a high humidity an relatively large amounts of air in a short time. When the UV lamps are installed in a duct, the optimum use is made of the effect of light on bacteria and viruses and a complete control of the air flow.

UV lamps mounted in a closed channel

Air duct exterior

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