No more slime growth in feed and water tanks

In feed and water tanks, the area between the contents and the top of the tank is quickly coated with slimy bacterial growth. Bacteria and fungi have good conditions for growth with moisture and nourishment, and in unfortunate circumstances, risk of contamination of the feed.

foder og vandtanke

The tanks are often difficult and time-consuming to clean, but when installing UV systems in the tank, it makes cleaning intervals longer and the cleaning easier. Many farmers also experience positive effects on the well-being and feed efficiency of the better hygiene in the tanks.

UV light can help keep all types of tanks and containers clean of fungi, bacteria and coatings.

UV light in the wet feed tanks gives better health of the pigs, greater growth and a whole working day saved a month.
Thomas Mortensen, Nykjærsminde A/S

To be used in:

  • Feed tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Buffer tanks
  • Storage tanks in general

Installation in practice

The UV system is mounted vertically down from the top of the tank, so the best possible light range is available. Often, the best location is midway between the center and the side of the tank, and preferably near water intakes, so the bulb is flushed off for any feed residues. The unit has a range of approx. 1 meter and made of acid-resistant materials. The glass tube may come into contact with water or feed but works most effectively in air. As standard we recommend mounting two pieces.  14W UV system per. wet feed tank, to ensure correct illumination throughout the top.

All UV systems for wet feed tanks are coated with a special coating that ensures the feed if the glass is crushed. The quartz glass is coated with a special UVC- transparent film, which ensures that glass splinters cannot be released if damage to the quartz tube.

The film is only used for the quartz tube which acts as the outer protection of the UVC bulb. It provides optimal utilization of the UVC radiation and provides good and safe performance. Especially in areas of food and feed production, this safety is very important.

Choose the right model

Model Details Used in
ND Buildin 14W with splinter protection  Length 31,2 cm. Feed tanks
ND Buildin 17W  Length 41,2 cm. Water tanks/tanks without stirring
ND Buildin 36W  Length 92 cm. Water tanks/tanks without stirring
ND Buildin 48W  Length 57 cm. Water tanks/tanks without stirring
ND Buildin 90W  Length 92 cm. Water tanks/tanks without stirring
Option: Safety Switch Download details on product sheets and user guides in the download center.

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