Protection from contamination in stables with UV light

The highest risk of spreading bacteria and viruses in the air is at 77-82% humidity.

UV light is an effective method for disinfection of air. It protects against unwanted air borne agents and is installed in connection with air intakes on the stable, such as chimneys, wall inlets etc.


The effect on disinfection of air

” – We have the highest health status and it will be devasting for us if the pigs are infected with something, so we lose our status. That is why we have been looking for something that could increase the protection from infection, adds Louise Skou Hansen. She says that Stendalgaard started as a breeding herd in 2005. But in 2011, the “business” was expanded to be both a breeding and propagating herd with a total of 800 pigs, of which 160 constitute the breeding herd. Kai Skou Hansen points out that direct intake of air always will be the weak point in protecting from infection in any herd. But for a breeding herd it is particularly critical, because the economic consequences will be enormous.

Breeding center Trekanten had UV light on the wall inlets in early 2012

Units for stables are evaluated based on air volumes, air ducts and mounting options, and always based on individual calculations.


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