Securing entrance to clean areas with air and UVC

Sensitive production and the need for high hygiene requires extra attention when it comes to the things, we bring in with us. With an entrance tunnel with “air-flushing” and UV light, staff, pallets and up to truck size items can be treated in a short time. See how it works here

Our CleanAcess is designed to remove particles by circulating the air past the hepa filter and UV light. This is based on experience and studies that show that contamination often occurs via particles where bacteria are attached. If the treatment is combined with UV light, it can neutralize bacteria, viruses and fungal spores on clothing etc.

When people go through CleanAcess with the UV light switched on, they must be fully covered, with mask and gloves, because the UV light is harmful for the skin and eyes. Alternatively, CleanAcess can be fitted with air in the cabin and only UV in the air circulation unit. All units are tailored to the needs and requirements of size, passage speed and desired degree of treatment.

How to use:

  • Install CleanAcess between unclean and clean rooms.
  • Enter the CleanAcess or place the pallet or cart with goods in the cabin.
  • Close the door and press start in the panel.
  • Air nozzles in the cabin “flush” person or goods with 20-25 m/air.
  • When installing UV in the cabin, personnel must be fully covered (or UV turned off).
  • Dirty air is circulated through the filter system, after which it is recycled, and UV treated.
  • The door opens to the clean side.
  • There are programming functions outside the cabin.
  • Delivered plug and play ready for installation.
  • Emergency stop opens to the unclean side.

CleanAcess for particularly sensitive production. It is used for goods such as spare parts and consumables placed on a trolley and treated for 2 minutes.

Processing time:

A minimum of 20 seconds processing time is recommended.

If a combination of air and UV light is used, 60-120 seconds of treatment is recommended but based on the wanted level of disinfection.

How you want to use the CleanAcess depends on the strategy at that location.

You can:

  • Secure dress and shower are kept as clean as possible (often contaminations happen through particles during change of clothes if there is no pressure difference). Here, the CleanAcess with air is used at entrance to the changing room before changing/ or after changing, to ensure that unwanted particles do not enter clean areas.
  • When accessing clean areas from the outside, you can choose to have staff change over and wear work clothes (e.g. laboratory coat) and then pass through the chamber with both UV at the entrance and the exit to ensure that there is no infection/bacteria brought in or out. Especially interesting if several employee groups from different departments meet for lunch.

CleanBox with air and UVC

The same system can be used for items that need to enter the clean areas such as tools, consumables, etc. For smaller items such as electronics, tools and consumables, we recommend Cleanbox active which is placed between the clean and the unclean side.

CleanBox with air and light

CleanBox mode of operation:

  • The object is placed on a grid in the box from the “dirty” side.
  • When the door is closed, the doors lock, the lamps are switched on and the fan starts.
  • The object is treated for a specified time, approximately 120 seconds or according to wishes.
  • When the UV sequence is complete, one door can be opened by pressing the button. Opposite door remains locked.
  • Only one door can be open at a time and as soon as the door is closed, the lamps turn on and a sequence is run.
  • This ensures that both air in the box and on the grate is kept clean between different items.

UV light kills all known bacteria and viruses on all surfaces – quickly and efficiently

We aim for the highest possible effect on all available surfaces to ensure maximum disinfection. The UV light treats all surfaces affected. At the indicated dose, you will be able to kill all known bacteria, viruses and protozoa, such as, salmonella, bacillus cereus, listeria monocytogenes.

The treatment time can go from a few of minutes to longer intervals and can be made specific to requests.


Get it tailored to your needs

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