Environmentally friendly disinfection with natural UVC light for industrial companies

Because our customers need a disinfection that is efficient, automatic and environmentally friendly
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Many years of research in and use of UVC light have proven that it is a safe and a effective way to disinfect. Beside the safety and the efficiency, UVC light is also environmentally friendly and 100% free from chemicals. That means that it is optimal for all companies and in particular for the environmentally aware company and the company with a green profile.

The environmentally aware company does not have to compromise on hygiene

We care about safety, efficiency and the environment. Just as you do. And there is good news if hygiene is also a challenge in your company. The environmentally aware company does not have to compromise on hygiene.
But hygiene is exactly the place where many companies with a green profile unfortunately lack behind. And that is a shame. Because it does not have to be that way. We are here to help you.

With our thoroughly tested and reliable UVC system, we can disinfect  water/liquids, surfaces and air. From very small units up to large and custom-built systems made for you.


At Aarstiderne, the green profile is important, and with our custom-built UV passage we can ensure that our recycled packaging is kept clean and still are environmentally friendly. Henrik Bendtsen, Packing department, Aarstiderne Barritskov.

Disinfection of packaging, such as capsules, cups, trays, etc. Disinfection of packaging, such as capsules, cups, trays etc. Directly before the food comes in the packaging. That can help to ensure the quality of the product through the products life. Read more
Disinfection of the air is essential In many production environments, clean air and air purification are essential. It ensures the production process against unwanted items from incoming air and can at the same time ensure the outside world against contamination from the process. Read more
Disinfection of rooms with and without staff The need for sterile spaces is easily ensured with UV systems. There are solutions for rooms without personnel and solutions for rooms where there is staff at the same time as the light is used. Read more
Odor removal and disinfection for refrigeration and storage rooms for food, etc.  Safe removal of bad odor and effective disinfection of air in cold storage, which is also approved under HAACP. Read more
Disinfection og packing lines, sorting machines etc.  UV lighting such as disinfection of packing lines, sorting machines etc. raises the level of hygiene, ensures that bacteria do not spread between items and reduce the cost of cleaning. Read more


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