How to ensure your production against moldy caps

Mold in capsules can cause major problems in any production of beverage or other liquid products

UVC light on the capsule line – close to attachment – can ensure your production against moldy capsules. The UVC light kills bacteria and mold in a short time, and without the use of chemicals. More and more manufacturers are choosing an effective solution from our range of UVC lamps.

Nohrlund who makes organic cocktails on bottles for the Danish market has allowed us to use pictures from their production. With Nohrlund’s own words, they are more than producers of fantastic organic cocktails in bottles. They have created a universe of unique cocktails that today unfold at some of the greatest festivals, the best restaurants, cafes, and bars, and for major national and international events.

The UV system from Naturlig Desinfektion has been chosen to get extra security for complete disinfection of particularly sensitive areas so the products at all times live up to their high-quality requirements.

ND Air 42 Short UV system is designed to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and can in use of a small spaces ensure effective disinfection of capsules, bottlenecks, conveyor belts and packaging.

Get tips on how you can mount UV light in your production by contacting us or phone +45 22680680.

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