The exhaust air from the production can be a potential source of infection

The air that is led out from production companies can be a potential source of infection and transfer problematic bacteria to the environment. It can come from sensitive production areas, vehicle washers or other areas with potential bacterial problems.

It can be vehicles that pass through the air that is infected with bacteria and viruses, and it can be neighboring businesses that experience problems with their intake air.

But do you have control over what your company leds out?

Maybe the air re-infects the vehicles that should come clean to your business, and that is not the intention.

To protect the environment from this infection, the exhaust air must be disinfected before it is led out. It can be done with UVC light – efficient and safe, and with minimal maintenance. It is only one bulb change at the end of life (10,000 hours of operation). Nothing else.

Here is someone who has thought about it

They have installed a duct with UV lamps, which ensure disinfection of the air from their washing system before it is lead out.

The effect of the UV lamp is dimensioned based on a high humidity and relatively large amounts of air in a short time. When the UV lamps are installed in a duct, the optimum use is made of the effect of light on bacteria and viruses and a complete control of the air flow.

UV lamps mounted in a closed channel

External air duct

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