Combination of disinfection and odor removal in one

Food storage requires particularly high environmental disinfection to ensure a long shelf life.

Odor problems can also be the cause of food spoilage of up to 30% of food.


PureAir will fix it – completely without chemicals

Here you get two active functions in a closed unit:

  • Disinfection of the air with UVC = 88 % fewer bacteria and viruses in the air
  • Neutralization of VOC via a photocatalytic oxidation = safe odor removal without chemistry

A safe and simple solution for all types of rooms and down to -25 °C

PureAir is mounted with fittings on the ceiling or wall and actively circulates the air through the unit.

There are models from 50 to 550 m3 air/h and direct use in HACCP approval.

How does PureAir work?

  • Step 1: Safe UVC Disinfection

    • Active air intake via fan
    • Treatment of air with UVC light in the first chamber

Result: 88% fewer bacteria and viruses in the air

How to remove bacteria and viruses:

  • UVC works by a process where radiation inactivates the microorganisms as the light strikes.
  • Wavelengths of 260 nm are produced for disinfection which is the exact wavelength for optimal disinfection.
  • UVC light is the only controllable disinfection technology – and is used by hospitals and research institutes.
  • Step 2: Photocatalytic oxidation

    • Transfers disinfected air to a second chamber
    • Treatment of air with photocatalytic oxidation with UV light

Result: Removes VOCs

How to remove bad odor:

  • A special UVA lamp activates a coating with titanium oxide.
  • This process creates some highly reactive electrons.
  • These highly reactive electrons are associated with the volatile organic compounds; that is the bad smell.
  • This breaks down the pollutant into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules further purifying the air.


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