Germ and mold problems in the air in production rooms.

Disinfect the incoming, circulating and outgoing air in the production room efficiently and environmentally friendly


In the production room, clean air and the continuous cleaning of the air are crucial for the overall hygiene. It ensures the production process against unwanted items from the incoming air and can at the same time ensure the outside against contamination from the production process.
We have a lot of experience in creating a clean environment in the production room using our built-in system for ventilation systems.

Built-in unit for ventilation systems

This UV unit is mounted inside the existing ventilation shaft. In this way we can ensure the incoming air, the circulating air and the outgoing air. We find the right setup together and assess the number and types of lamps according to the amount of air and the requirements of disinfection in your production.

Active units for self-circulation in production rooms

Remove bacteria, viruses and mold in the air, safe and secure while working. ND Air Active are a closed units that independently circulate the air past built-in UVC lamps and guarantee up to 88% reduction of airborne organisms. From small to very large rooms.



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