Because no business should fear the result of a control visit

It does not have to be difficult to disinfect liquids such as wash water, cooling agents, diesel oil, emulsions, wastewater or drinking water. Nor for companies with a green profile and without the possibility of using chemicals. We have UVC systems for wash water, cooling agents, diesel oil, emulsions, wastewater or drinking water, which takes care of the disinfection safely, environmentally and efficiently.

Custom made and efficient solutions
Together we find the right solution for your company. For example, we choose the unit according to the type of fluid to be treated, how much fluid to be treated per. hour, and what degree of disinfection you want.

Operation and documentation on our UV system
We can mount all our UV units with sensor that ensures optimal treatment of the fluid around the clock. You also get a stainless steel instalation that is easy to maintain without the use of tools.

Our UV units are documented to influence e.g. these bacteria:

Germ count at 36 °c = reduced by 99,9953%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa = reduced by 99,985%
Escherichia Coli = reduced by 99,9999%

Model Capacity in L/h Temperature Waste/ Use water Process water Cooling/ lubricate emulsion
 UV500 Pro  300 2-40 x x x
 UV500  400 2-40 x
 UV1000  1.000 2-40 x
 UV1000 Pro  1.000 2-40 x x x
 UV2000  2.000 8-40 x
 UV2500 Pro  2.000 2-40 x x x
 UV2500  2.500 2-40 x x
UV2500 H 4.000 2-90 x x
 UV2501  14.000 8-40 x
UV2501 H 21.000 2-90 x

All UV units can be equipped with an hour counter, which keeps track of the number of operating hours and, if necessary, tells the bulb change before the expiration of the service life. Hour meter is especially recommended for many on/ off and discontinuous operation.

Furthermore, the unit can be equipped with a sensor which is particularly useful for use where the  level of disinfection is critical, as well as in units where there is much iron and lime in the water. The sensor warns of insufficient translucency and early bulb change.

Download specific datasheets and instructions for use

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