February 2019

UV system fights bad smell in your recycling water

Bacterial growth in recycled water can be the cause of bad odors. From place to place, it can be different types of bacteria and different soaps etc that cause odor problems with the wash water.
UVC light is an effective way to kill bacteria without the use of chemicals. It is done by circulating the water through a UV unit as with each passage of the water, inactivating the bacteria in the water. This type of disinfection can be done with virtually all types of fluids, e.g. also oil.

This type of UV system has clamps for fast and hyginic mounting

For tanks with recyclingwater, the optimum solution to odor problems will be to mount a filter to sort out coarse particles and to mount a UV system with an external dry pump, which circulates the water through the UV plant at approximately 2-4 times per hour. It will keep the water free of odorous bacteria.
If there is oil residue in the water etc. it will be expected that the quartz glass must be cleaned regularly and possibly. weekly or monthly.

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