August 2019

Ensure entrance to clean areas with air

Access to clean areas with high hygiene needs extra attention when it comes to the things and people we bring in. With a CleanAcess with air, personnel, pallet goods and items up to truck size can be processed in a short time.

Our entrance lock is designed to remove particles by circulating the air past a hepa filter. This is based on experience an studies that show that contamination is often via particles where bacteria and more attach themselves.

Our CleanAcess is installed between unclean and clean rooms.

As standard, a minimum of 20 seconds of processing time is recommended.

How you want to use the CleanAcess depends on the strategy at that location.

Eg. can you:

  • Secure the entrance to the changing room and bath is kept free of partices with entrance using a CleanAcess.
  • Ensure access to the clean areas after changing and if necessary bath.
  • Ensure access to clean rooms from unclean rooms.

Watch video on YouTube of our CleanAcess with air here

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