UVC light for air, liquids and surfaces

Take control over bacteria, viruses and spores with UVC light:

Safe – efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Water and other liquids:

  • All kinds of bacteria, germs, viruses and spores
  • Mounted easily into existing water systems
  • Installations for drinking water, oil, beverages etc.
  • Installations from 300-100.000-liters pr. hour
  • Approved for food production

Air – stand-alone and built-in

Units with or without own circulation to:

  • Production facility
  • Warehouses
  • Clean room
  • Washrooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Office environments

Surfaces – built-in and stand alone

Units for strategical placement or  for build-in into production lines, machines etc.

  • Clean rooms, laboratories
  • Conveyor belt, packing lines
  • Cleanboxes, hygiene locks
  • Approved for food production

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