Clean air with UVC

UVC light is an effective and safe way of air disinfection.

There are several methods for air disinfection: passive, active, built-in or active with odor remover.
See the possibilities below.

ND Air – passive

ND Air is a lamp that illuminates the room without its own circulation. See more here

 ND Air Active

The active solution for disinfection is N Air Active with built-in fan and shielded UV lamp. See more here

ND Air Sterile air 

With UV light we can secure your process air against unwanted germs and bacteria. See more here


ND PureAir – against bacteria and bad odor

Bacteria in the air, can in some environments contribute to bad odors. See more here


 ND Build-in

UV systems for installation are typically used in ventilation systems. See more here


UVC and airlocks ensure access to clean rooms. See more here


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