ND Air Active

The active solution for disinfection is ND Air Active with a built-in fan and covering. The unit circulates the air and is suitable for production areas, living rooms, storage rooms and other premises where people are present.

ND Air Active is a unit that contains a UV bulb and a fan in a closed cabinet. The unit circulates the air past the UV lamp and is independent of the room’s own ventilation. ND Air Active can be used when there are people in the room. This is a very stable and safe solution. This type of disinfection is often used in rooms where there is a need to secure a low level of infection while persons are present.

ND Air Active is available in many versions

  • 48 – 270W lamps
  • Moist or dry environment
  • With external monitoring, lifetime and function
  • Closed stainless-steel fittings
  • Standard for fixture


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