UV system active and odor removal in one

Bacteria in the air can in some environments contribute to bad smell. In food storage, odor problems can cause waste of products. In other environments, such as washing units, bathrooms etc. odor problems can make the visit a bad experience.

Here you get two active functions in a closed cabinet:

  • Disinfection of air with UVC = 88% less bacteria and virus in the air.
  • Neutralization of VOC via a photocatalytic oxidation = safe odor removal without chemicals.

A safe and simple solution for all types of rooms and down to -25° C

PureAir is mounted with fittings for ceiling or wall and actively circulates the air through the unit.

There are models of 50 to 550 m3 air/hour and comply with HACCP approval.

PureAir is available in many versions

  • 50- 550 m3 air
  • Humid environment, to -25 °C
  • With external monitoring, lifetime and function
  • Closed cabinet for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Splinter protection of the glass
  • Approved for use in food production/storage

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