Get an overview

Check up on sources of pollution and get inputs for improvements

Our long experience with numerous visits to agriculture and industry has given us a great and wide knowledge of how and where to effectively attack, in relation to sources of pollution.

And that can benefit your business.

Use a day with us and get concrete input for improvements that pays off.

This is how we do:

A visit will usually be done by following you into your production as a normal guest, where we observe and clarify the risks we see and the routines that may be subject to errors and misunderstandings.

We will typically focus on:

  • Accessibility

    CleanAcess sluse

    Example of CleanAcess with UV and air treatment, which replaces manual disinfection with Ethanol

  • Routines for access
    • Footwear
    • Handwashing
    • Changing room
    • Use of rooms, placement of doors, ventilation, etc.
  • Ensuring procedures execution
  • Guidance of visitors etc.

Review of facilities/ procedures for receiving goods for production. Here we go through the handling of goods from arrival to production until the products have reached their destination in production.

  • Handling of products when they arrive
  • Product´s way into production
  • Handling of pallets, cardboard, plastic etc.
  • The staff´s procedures when receiving goods
  • Use of assistive technology

Review of routines for delivery of goods/ products from the production, the same principle as above.

Test it

Example of quantifiable Salmonella test

In connection with the visit we can take simple swaps of relevant areas for identifying possible daner of contamination or cleaning problems. Here you can examine many specific strains such as, salmonella, coliform bacteria, MRSA and many others on specific request. Likewise, we can take standard swaps for total gem and total yeast/ mold. We just need to talk about it before the visit.

At the end of the visit, we will review the immediate factors we have found that can be optimized, and we will help to locate where you get the greatest effect for the least effort.


A few days after our visit, you will receive a brief report, with the points that have been found relevant for future efforts. This report is made in a short form, stating our recommendation for prioritization. In addition, at each point there are 1-2 solutions listed.

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