Testing and measuring of UV lamps – for safety

In many situations it makes sense to measure the UV lamps.

Perhaps it is uncertain whether the UVC lights delivers the expected disinfection;

  • Is the bulb too old or of poor quality?
  • Is the installation installed in an incorrect setup to be able to deliver the desired disinfection?
  • Has the use of the installation changed since the setup?
  • Is there security control of the installation?

We can measure this for you and ensure that you get what you expect.

Are you working with UVA lights for inspection, there are also requirements for the safety of the staff.

This is how we do:

If possible, the lamp is measured during use on location, describing the specific application and making a risk assessment on site, with accompanying documentation and guidelines for use.

If the lamp does not provide the desired performance or disinfection degree, we come up with suggestions for changes in the configuration so that it is achieved.

Alternatively, the lamp can be submitted to us, and we measure the lamp in general and set a risk assessment for that type of lamp relative to the described application.

  • Describes the lamp
  • Describes its function
  • Measure the lamp and describe it from dose/ distance
  • Makes a general assessment of use and risk based on the described application.

Contact us for possibilities and prices.

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