UVA lamps for inspection and training

The majority of companies priorities both cleaning and hand hygiene. Most of us think we are careful and precise with cleaning and washing hands. We just rarely are.

Training of hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is something we all must learn and train. Especially in companies that rely on high standard of hygiene and sterility in production. Experience shows that hand hygiene is unfortunately difficult to control, and often insufficient hand hygiene is causing great problems in companies.

Control of hygiene

A special type of UV light is especially suitable for ensuring the quality of hygiene. When illuminated on a surface with a UVA lamp, particles will light up. Use the handheld flashlights to find deficiencies in cleaning routines, pollution sources in clean rooms and laboratories.

We provide tools for training, measurement and control of hygiene.


Training of hand hygiene

Easy and effective method for significant improving hand hygiene

3W UVA LED flashlight

Small flashlight for detecting particles, etc. on surfaces

100W UVA LED flashlight

Powerful flashlight for easy detection of sources of pollution


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