Disinfection of drinking water with UV light

Clean drinking water for animals and humans

Drinking water is one of our most important resources. Water which, unfortunately, is increasingly burdened by bacterial and germ problems, making it unsuitable for both animals and humans.

Remove bacteria and germ in the water without the use of chemicals

The content of germ and bacteria in the water is directly related to the taste of water and for animals it can have a direct effect on their wellbeing.
We have the solution for the company´s water system. Solutions that, through UV light, remove bacteria and germs in the water without the use of chemicals. By installing a UVC module on the water system, you can ensure the water is clean and without bacteria.

We also have solutions for circulation systems such as garden ponds or drinking water in stables which, by circulation, protects against bacteria and germs.

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Model: Capacity liter pr. hour Temp. Drinking water Circulation systems, ponds etc.
ND Water 400  300 2-40 x
ND Water 500  400 2-40 x
ND Water 1000  1.000 2-40 x
ND water 2000  2.000 8-40 x
ND Water 2001 8.000 8-40 x
ND Water 2500 4.000 2-40 x
ND Water 2500 H 4.000 2-90 x
ND Water 2501  14.000 8-40 x x
ND Water 2501 H 21.000 2-90 x x

All UV systems can be equipped with a timer that will keep track on the number of operating hours and tell you when to change the bulb before it expires. It is recommended for many on/off and discontinuous operation.

Furthermore, the systems can be equipped with a sensor which is particularly useful when the level of disinfection is critical, as well as in units where there is much iron or calcium in the water. The sensor will warn about insufficient disinfection and bulb change.

Our UV system
Together we find the right solution for your company. For example, we choose the unit according to how much water to be treated per. hour and in what degree of disinfection you want. It is a compact system which is easy to mount on the water line. You also get an installation that is easy to service without the use of tools and all in stainless steel

UV systems for water


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