Even liquids that are (almost) nontransparent can be treated with UV light

Diesel oil and lubricating oils are often plagued by bacterial growth and algal formation. This process is referred to as diesel plague.

We have developed a special UVC lamp for use in diesel and oil plants for disinfecting harmful microorganisms. When properly installed, our special systems keep diesel in tanks free of microorganisms.

The system works by continuously circulating diesel in the tank by the UV lamp in a UV reactor, which is consisting of a stainless-steel chamber, in which a special UV lamp is mounted.


For juices and other fluids

Vegetable juices, juices and other food elements can be treated with UV light in order to limit bacteria and yeast growth in the product. The UV treatment can be carried out very gently and often with little or no effect on the properties of the product.

In terms of energy, the UV treatment is a very attractive alternative to a pasteurization process or other heat treatments.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of using UV lighting on your product.

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