Disinfection of wastewater and recycled water with UV light

Get “clean” wastewater

Recycling and wastewater can unfortunately be a bacterial bomb with high germ count. It can also be a very smelly affair. Many companies experience this.

Installations that recycle wash water, for example the washing of vegetables, make good sense in relation to environmental and economic considerations. But it also increases the risk of bacteria growth in the units, with a high risk of spreading infection between batches.

Safe and efficient disinfection of water with UV light

Problems with odor, elevated germ count and bacteria in water can be solved easy and with a high degree of safety via UV disinfection of the water. We know that. Because we have a good and long experience with it.

UV light is a cheap and effective insurance against bacterial spread in production. In food industry, we often use it for disinfection of conveyor belts, packaging and process water, as well as in drinking water systems for cows, pigs, mink, chickens and more.

Here, the UV system is fitted with a circulation pump which ensures the necessary flow past the UV lamp. A simple and effective solution.

Model UV system: Capacity liter pr. hour Temp. Process/wastewater Oil or lubricating emulsions
ND Water 500 Pro  2-300 2-40 x  x
ND Water 1000 Pro  700-1.000 2-40 x x
ND Water 2001 4.000-8.000 2-40 x
ND Water 2500 Pro  1.500-3.500 2-40 x x
ND water 2500 Dual  5.000 8-40 x

Together we find a solution that disinfects your process and wastewater or oil/ emulsions efficiently and simply with UV light. Contact us here





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