Easy and fast sampling on surfaces with Contam Swab

Contam Swab is a test with culture media for microbial count and identification directly from work surfaces.

Contam Swab is very easy to use. It has a clear color change. There are no additional reagents and you will have the result in 18-24 hours.

Contam Swab has a simple workflow:

  1. Moisten the tip of the swab by immersing it in a tube containing sterile physiological solution.
  2. Press the tip of the swab against the wall of the tube to remove excess liquid.
  3. Streak the swab on the surface (10×10 cm) horizontally and vertically.
  4. Insert the swab in the tube containing the culture medium.
  5. Cap the tube and record date and the sampling point.
  6. Store at 37 °c for 18-24 hours. Then the test result can be read.

Contam Swab is available in several variants:

  • Contam Swab Contamination
  • Contam Swab E.coli-coliforms
  • Contam Swab Listeria
  • Contam Swab Salmonella
  • Contam Swap Yeasts & Moulds
  • Contam Swab MRSA


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