Clean surfaces with UVC light

Fight bacteria and avoid bacterial spread on conveyor belts and packaging, naturally and efficiently, and get optimal lifetime of the finished product.

Use UVC light to:

● raise the level of hygiene
● ensure that bacteria do not spread between subjects
● and reduce cleaning costs

See some of the options below.

CleanMove – flexible and portable

Use it where and how it suits you. Adjustable and movable and extremely efficient for rooms without staff. See more here

CleanAcess entry chambers 

Unique chamber with air and UVC light treatment and filtering in a closed system ensures entry. See more here

ND Air – Passive

UV systems for sterile rooms or installation in e.g. bottling machines etc. See more here


CleanBox – ingoing goods with UVC light

This way you can easily and effectively ensure that all small items are treated against bacteria and viruses before entry. See more here

ND Built-in 

The flexible solution for installation in existing systems. See more here

 CleanBox Active with air and light

Unique combination of UVC light and air integrated in a box. See more here


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