Disinfection through a Cleanbox with UV light

Avoid bringing infection into a sterile room with a UV Cleanbox

Sterile rooms and rooms with a high hygiene requires extra attention when it comes to things, we bring in. With our UV protection, you can completely avoid bringing in pollution. The Cleanbox is used for disinfection of smaller items, such as telephones, notepads, small boxes, tools etc.

Typical rooms where our UV Cleanbox is used:
● Kitchens
● Hospitals
● Laboratories
● Industry
● Storage

Items we can disinfect with our UV Cleanbox:
● Articles
● Medicine
● Tools
● Equipment

The UV Cleanbox kills all known bacteria and viruses on all surfaces
The UV Cleanbox is designed so the light disinfects all surfaces with a high dose of UV light to ensure maximum disinfection. The UV light disinfect all surfaces that are exposed to the UV light. With the UV Cleanbox, you will be able to kill all known bacteria, viruses and protozoa’s, such as African swine fever, PRRS etc.

Several sizes and variants
We can supply the UV Cleanbox in many versions, Cleanbox for smaller items and CleanAcess for larger objects.

The Cleanbox series is a series of disinfection chambers built as passive standard units in stainless steel. It means that you must place the object in the chamber yourself and remove it again. Watch the box demonstrated in this video

Cleanbox disinfects smaller items such as computer, telephone, goods, etc.
Our smallest unit is with a inner measurement of 600x600x600 mm and up to about 900x900x900 mm.

CleanAcess is a series of custom-built sluices that can continuously disinfect products placed on a table or on pallets. More info on CleanAcess here

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