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CleanMove – Your movable UV unit for disinfection of air and surfaces

Thorough cleaning in production is not always enough to fight the unwanted microorganisms.  Wet surfaces, corners and production equipment can be hiding spots for bacteria, viruses and molds. The result of this can be cross-contamination between different production batches and give any production manager a bad night’s sleep.

CleanMove is a powerful partner in the fight against bacteria. It is placed as needed and only in rooms when staff is not present. Equipped with 4 pcs. 90W lamps it has an effective radius of 5 meters in all directions and depending on the treatment time, it provides maximum effect on a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

UVC dosage Distance from the UV-lamp
2 m v/1  lamp 5 m v/1 lamp 2 m v/ 4 lamps 5 m v/4 lamps 2 m v/ 8 lamps 5 m v/8 lamps
200 J/m2 15 min 70 min 4 min 17,5 min 2 min 9 min
600 J/m2 50 min 200 min 12,5 min 50 min 6,3 min 25 min
1000 J/m2 80 min 340 min 20 min 85 min 10 min 43 min

Watch CleanMove 4 in action at Jernved Dairy here

Ole Jørn Frederiksen is happy to have a chemical free supplement to cleaning in the dairy.

CleanMove can be adjusted to your needs and equipped with up to 8 pcs, 90W lamps for a quick and efficient treatment.

CleanMove 8

A powerful partner in disinfection – see it demonstrated here

CleanMove 8 has 4 fixed and 4 adjustable lamps and delivers 1,000 joules at 5 meters distance in 40 minutes!

Bring it on!!

UVC treatment is highly documented through international studies. Below you can see a section of microorganisms and what dosage is required for reduction.

Microorganisms UV light dose in J/m2 to achieve 90% reduction Microorganisms UV light dose in J/m2 to ahieve 90% reduction
Bacillus anthracis – Anthrax 45.2 Vibrio comma – Cholera 33.75
Clostridium tetani 130.0 Mucor racemosus A 170.0
Corynebacterium diphtheriae 33.7 Penicillium roqueforti 130.0
Ebertelia typhosa 21.4 Chlorella Vulgaris 130.0
Escherichia coli 30.0 Paramecium 110.0
Listeria Monocytes 45,0 Bacteriophage – E. Coli 26.0
MRSA 32.0 Infectious Hepatitis 58.0
Mycobacterium tuberculosis 62.0 Influenza 34.0
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 55.0 Brewers yeast 33.0
Pseudomonas fluorescens 35.0 Common yeast cake 60.0
Salmonella enteritidis 40.0 Saccharomyces spores 80.0
Salmonella typhimurium 80.0


Cheese production on Jernved Mejeri


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